We work differently and we think you should too

Going with the flow isn’t a bad thing, but we offer the marketplace a different way of buying their marketing services.

We are not an agency and we are not a consultancy. We are a trusted marketing advisor that takes full accountability for project managing superb marketing solutions for our clients via our accomplished Partnership Network.

What’s more, our model means that we have minimal overheads to factor into your fees. You truly do get what you pay for in every sense when you choose Navigator Partnership.

The answers to 3 questions we are commonly asked

So why ‘Navigator’?
Well, we believe that there are no “plug ’n’ play” ways to marketing success. Every client and their audiences has different needs, which means that their solutions need to be tailored exclusively for them. That means that we plan a route for our clients to get from one place to another and navigate their journey to make sure that they get to where they want to be, when they want to be.

And why ‘Partnership’?
This is at the heart of everything we do. We operate as a true partner with our clients to provide them with a ‘hand in glove’ marketing service that they can call on and tap into any time they need to. We provide marketing focus to our clients that do not have any marketing resource and we add value to those clients that do. By the same token, we partner with our Partnership Network to bring the correct mix of skill-sets to every project that we manage. Different projects require different skill-sets that’s why our Partnership Network is growing all the time in order to meet the needs of our clients.

And finally, ‘Guiding your Growth’ – tell us more about the strapline.
If we are not helping to guide the growth of our clients in some way, then we are not doing our job properly. That is why everything we do is accountable to target and measurable so that our clients see and feel the value that we bring to their growth aspirations.